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Geniuses Invent Bracelet That Pauses Netflix When You Fall Asleep

You can start watching your Netflix show from the exact point you passed out! (Screengrab: YouTube)

The one thing more depressing than spending your weekend nights alone in bed watching Sherlock is falling asleep before you even find out how he solves the murder, amiright? 

Some Netflix employees have figured out a possible way to solve the highly pressing problem, The Week reports. At an internal company Hack Day last week, a team of five Netflix-ers presented their invention: a customized FitBit wristband that detects when you’ve fallen asleep, pauses whatever show you’re aggressively binge-watching and replaces it with a friendly “Looks like you’ve fallen asleep!” message. When the user returns to Netflix (presumably after a night of Benedict Cumberbatch-filled dreams), they can resume their show from the point at which they previously dozed off. Read More

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App Creators Want You to Send Them Pics of Your Boobs, For Science

(Photo: ThirdLove)

Scientists. When they’re not busy creating glow-in-the-dark rabbits or telling you you’re ugly, they’re tackling some of the world’s most complex problems, like which boob harness is right for you.

Fast Company reports that a new startup called ThirdLove is using technology developed by a NASA scientist to determine a woman’s proper bra size. And unlike the uppity Victoria’s Secret employees, with their cold hands and tut-tutting demeanor, the app doesn’t need anything from you but two boob selfies (you can wear a tanktop!), which frankly you probably already have stored in your camera roll anyway. Read More

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Sweet, Sweet Stasis: Lazyglasses Let You Watch TV While Lying Flat on Your Back

Hehe (Photo:

Do you ever wake up with a terrible stiffness in your neck because you spent half the night prior propped up on your elbow marathoning a Netflix show? A simple pair of glasses retailing at Think Geek promises to let you enjoy multimedia from your TV or laptop while laying flat on your back for the low, low price of $15.99, shipping and handling and looking like a total nerd. Read More

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Airbnb Hiring ‘Heart Baker’ To Make Holistic Vegan Cronuts for Its Employees

Betabeat's patented system is way easier than making a cake. (Photo:

Apartment sharing service Airbnb may have hit some legal snags in New York, but that isn’t stopping it from partying like a bubble times startup should. The company recently listed a position for “Heart Baker” on its jobs page, which is just culty startup speak for a regular baker. As in: someone to come into the office every day and bake desserts for the company’s no-doubt starving employees. Because who wants to hustle without a belly full of vegan cake? Read More

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Jack Dorsey Shills for the Important Cause of Disrupting Candy

(Photo: YouTube)

There are many industries worthy of large-scale disruption, including dry cleaning and the line at Shake Shack. But one crucial industry that Betabeat forgot to mention in our list of things we wish techies would disrupt? Candy. How could we forget?

According to All Things D, a coterie of celebrities–including bus-riding Square cofounder Jack Dorsey, model Gisele Bundchen and full-time Boston tour guide Matt Damon–have teamed up to sing the praises of a new candy company. Unreal Candy purports to be a natural, non-corn-syrup alternative to the gross chemical-laden stuff that somehow still tempts you every time you enter a bodega. Read More

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9 Things Betabeat Wishes Startups Would Disrupt

Get it? Disruptive? (Photo:

We receive a lot of pitches touting “disruptive” technologies. Healthcare, education, banking–name an old-line industry and someone is attempting to yank the rug out from underneath it.

Well, we’ve got a few pressing requests we’d like addressed. Namely:

1. Dry cleaning: It’s expensive, toxic, inconvenient, and it makes your clothes smell funny. Fix it.

2. Transcription: Whoever invents actual functional voice-to-text transcription will get more press coverage than he can possibly cope with. Trust. Read More

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Watch a Couple of Math Teachers Trolling Khan Academy

Don't get struck by lightning when hanging with Bill Gates. (Photo: jurvetson)

Video-learning nonprofit Khan Academy is basically the hottest thing in edtech, complete with TED talk and Gates Foundation grant. But you know who thinks it’s a load of crap? These two Grand Valley State University math teachers. In fact, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education, they’re so annoyed that they’ve taken to the YouTubes with a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style parody. Read More