Disrupt Butts

Disrupt Butts

This High-Tech Toilet Can Tell When You’re Pregnant or Diseased

The Wellbeing Toilet. It looks... ploppy. (Photo:

Toilets have been toileting for hundreds of years without the slightest bit of disruption, minus the phasing out of the bidet. As such, the elimination industry is ripe for an app or gadget to make it more ergonomically friendly.

Some startups, like the folks behind the Squatty Potty and this odd girls-only pee funnel, have attempted to chip away at the porcelain throne, but none have caused a large scale shift. But now, there’s a new sheriff in Shitsville: the Wellbeing Toilet, which won a contest for potty design in the U.K. Could this be the thing that changes bowel movements forever? Read More

Disrupt Butts

Poop Like You’ve Never Pooped Before With the Squatty Potty

Anorectal, y'all. (Screengrab:

Your bathroom time might feel satisfying, but guess what? You’re messing up big time, and we’re not just talking about what happens inside the bowl. Thankfully, startup-starters simply can’t stay out of our bathrooms, so allow the makers of the Squatty Potty to educate your ass.

It turns out, humans have been defecating the wrong way for centuries. We’re not supposed to sit majestically on the porcelain throne, like dookie kings and queens. Instead, our bodies are designed to squat on the john like a Little League teeball coach addressing his ranks. Read More