dirty filthy money

dirty filthy money

Bitcoin-Based Poop Delivery Service Earned $10K in a Month

This is apparently how ShitExpress collects all the horse poop. (ShitExpress)

As you slave away at your entry-level job earning barely enough to afford Netflix, think to yourself: there are people out there earning thousands of dollars a month by selling people horse poop.

Remember ShitExpress, the aptly-named site that lets you use Bitcoin to anonymously send poop to people you don’t like?

Well, people must really have a lot of enemies, because the company made $10,120 in sales over the course of 30 days, according to a blog post published earlier this month. They’ve also shipped poop—it’s horse poop, not human poop, F.Y.I.—to 36 different countries. Read More

dirty filthy money

The Latest Cry Against San Francisco’s Techie Gentrifiers Will Be Stuck in Your Head Forever

Fierce. (screencap)

There has been much back and forth about whether the tech boom is completely transforming San Francisco, lots of it earnest and deadly serious. So at least “Google Google Apps Apps,” a new screw-you to gentrifiers from drag performer Persia and Daddie$ Pla$tik (via Nat King), is super catchy and has a real nutty music video.

“Techies, take the Mission! Techies, gentrify me! Gentrify me, gentrify me, gentrify my love,” Persia and her compatriots chant as they dance against a series of images lifted from–where else?–Google StreetView. Read More