dirty dating

dirty dating

When It Comes to Dating, Dirty Bubble Blows Out All the Mystery, Keeps All the Creepy

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Have you ever wondered why there wasn’t a Yelp but for people? Neither did we, but apparently there is, and it’s called Dirty Bubble. If you’re not turned off by the name, just wait until you hear what it does.

Dirty Bubble fancies itself as “a place for people to rate, share and review their previous relationships and hookups,” and allows users to make profiles—not for themselves—but for their exes. Then, would-be suitors can read reviews and see how many stars their potential date got in categories like sanity, generosity and hygiene. “Why?” the introductory video rhetorically asks, “Wouldn’t you want to know a little about someone’s background or personality before dating them?” Actually, no, we wouldn’t—or at least we don’t want to hear about it the same way we want to read reviews about the Lumia 900 or the new iPad. Read More