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Digital Publishing

Publishers Begin Bailing On Ebook Copyright Protection Technology

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It’s long been a thorn in the side of ereader owners, but major publishers–one eye fixed firmly on the fate of the recording industry–have insisted that ebooks come fully loaded with digital rights management technology. But that’s starting to crack. Today Macmillan subsidiary Tom Doherty Associates (home to beloved scifi imprint Tor Books, as well as Forge, Orb and others) announced its entire ebook catalog will be DRM-free by July 2012.

In a statement at the company blog, president and publisher Tom Doherty tipped his hat explicitly to future-enthused fans and authors: Read More

Digital Publishing

Someone Finally Made A Good Magazine App

bloomberg business week

There has been a lot of sturm and drang in New York about transitioning the magazine business to the iPad. Bloomberg jumped into the game today with the release of Business Week for the iPad, and it seems to have solved some of the key problems that held back other titles.

For one thing, Bloomberg Read More