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New York City Is So Startup It Now Has a Chief Analytics Officer

Bon voyage and happy trails. (Photo: Screencap)

Today Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered his final State of the City address. Amid wisecracks about the Knowles-Carter family (you might know Barclays Center part owner Shawn Carter “by what he’s been called since the Super Bowl: Beyoncé’s husband”), Hizzoner had plenty to say about the city’s tech sector. Hey, he can’t let President Obama totally blow up his spot.

Below, a few of the big shout-outs: Read More

Digital City

Boingo Partners with Transit Wireless to Bring WiFi to NYC’s Subway Stations


Back in February, Transit Wireless, the company formed to carry out the implementation of a new wireless network for New York’s transit system, announced that it would be bringing wifi to 30 of New York’s subway stations. On that day, millions of satisfied sighs could be heard echoing across our fine city. But prepare to rejoice even further: Today, Internet provider Boingo announced that it has struck up a partnership with Transit Wireless to deliver wifi to all of New York’s subway stations.

Engadget reports that one-click wifi will be available for Boingo customers and their roaming partners. Like Boingo services in other public areas, the NYC subway wifi will cost a pretty penny for non-Boingo customers, but it’s nice to at least have the option of hopping online.

Boingo will be rolling out the service to NYC subway stations over the next five years, which is kind of a long time in tech years–we’ll probably all be donning Google glasses by then.