Spotted: Where New York Tech Eats and Drinks

Num pang

By nature, entrepreneurs have no interest in abiding by the status quo. So predictably, when it comes to the Manhattan power lunch, they choose to do things a little differently from their old media and Wall Street brethren. Silicon Alley Insider has put together a list of where New York techies wine and dine in the daytime—consider it an update on a similar Dinevore list First Round Capital’s Charlie O’Donnell did last November. Read More


Discovering, and Deflating, the Technocrat

Crown Prince

Here’s a new one for the startup kiddies. The New York Times took a spin through SXSW, and discovered a digital elite that needed some deflating.

The technocracy, according to Anand Giridharadas, is the new aristocracy. “Like aristocracies past, it has its own rituals and symbols and practices, and it conceives of itself as uncynically serving the best interests of mankind. Like aristocracies past, it seeks to remake the remainder of humanity in its image. It reaches into the innards of our consciousness to shape what we believe, how we spend our days, how we love and reason and remember.” Read More