Etsy Founder Rob Kalin Steps Down As CEO, Again. This Time Is It For Good?


New York tech scene’s favorite ginger announced that he’ll be stepping down as CEO. This marks the second time since Rob Kalin started the company in 2005 that he’s given up his role, reports Venture Beat. CTO Chad Dickerson will be taking his place.  On the company blog, Mr. Dickerson wrote:

“With engineering well in hand and a strong partner in Adam Freed (our COO), it’s time for me to focus my attention on other aspects of the business. I’m stepping into the role of CEO at Etsy, and I’m looking forward to working with all of the teams at Etsy to move faster as we scale while staying true to our values.” Read More


Chief Marketing Officer Emily Hickey Leaves Hashable

Yavonditte and Hickey

Betabeat has a long a tumultuous relationship with Hashable. We wrote about the service before it was open to the public, when Fred Wilson and Charlie O’Donnell were still topping the leaderboard and Trevor Owens was an intern at Dogpatch Labs. We wrote about its potential to chart the social economy and fill a vacuum left by LinkedIn.

Of course, we also posted an opinionated takedown of the service, and engaged in a spirit online spat with Read More