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12 Startups Vie for VC at Techstars NYC Demo Day

Techies, techies everywhere (Sage Lazzaro).

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of startups these days, but when a company makes it through Techstars, we’re more inclined to pay attention to them

It was a big day for big dreams. Following a three month crash course in tech-business facilitated by Techstars and their team of 170 mentors, 12 startups presented their ideas Read More

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Love Was in the Air at DreamIt Ventures Demo Day

Dejamor's Rodrigo Fuentes

Bow chicka wow wah,” someone yelled from the packed, cheering audience at the Time Life Conference Center this morning. The rowdy crowd was there for DreamIt Ventures Demo Day, a first opportunity for investors to see the startups who just finished a three-month stint at the well-regarded New York City incubator. The event featured seven-minute presentations from 15 different startups, five of which were part of DreamIt’s new program, DreamIt Israel. Read More

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Meet the Graduates: It’s Demo Day at the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Demo Day!

Upon arriving at the NYIT Auditorium this morning for Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator’s second-ever Demo Day, Betabeat found what could only be described as a crush. The lobby was packed with sharply-dressed investors enthusiastically meeting and greeting. An (admittedly unscientific) survey of name tags revealed several managing directors and partners. Meanwhile, T-shirt sporting founders milled about, charm turned up to the max.

Attendees filtered only gradually into the theater, but eventually ERA cofounder Charlie Kemper called the meeting to order. After a few words about ERA itself, he warmed up the crowd by pointing out that all 10 presenting companies already have users and product in market, while 60 percent already have revenue. Not too shabby.

We outlined this class of ERA attendees back when they were first announced. Here’s how they turned out.  Read More

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Inaugural Blueprint Health Startups Pitch Investors on Disrupting Health Industry


Nine startups demo’ed today at Blueprint Health, the health-tech startup incubator nestled in a Soho office that opened its first session in January. The room was packed, the rock music was at an appropriate volume, and the sandwiches ran out before Betabeat got there (early!).

But what followed was a highly-polished series of demos, following the formula: introduction by a mentor, pitch, market opportunity, amount being raised and for what, and team. Most teams were highly polished, although the startups seemed to go from more to less compelling. “This is like extreme startup makeover!” one mentor said in his intro.

The companies are raising between $350,000 to $750,000 each. A survey of the guests showed a smattering of investors, a smattering of entrepreneurs, a few journalists and a vast number of Blueprint mentors.

On to the demos. Read More

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Knights of the Roundtable: ER Accelerator Demos Long, But Compelling

Steve Gutentag from Sitesimon.

Betabeat moseyed up to Murat Aktihanoglu, the accented managing director of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, after the program’s demo day this morning in a basement auditorium at NYU’s Stern School of Business. He had the overwhelmed, flushed face of a proud parent. “Oh, it was amazing,” he said, eyes widening. ERA put its ten startups through 1,500 meetings, he had calculated, and all the companies have users and 80 percent have revenue. One of them had just signed up 35 cities and two Dubai landmarks: the biggest mall in the world, which serves 47 million visitors, and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.  Read More

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500 Startups Demo Day at General Assembly: Oversubscribed Startups, Cobra Kai-Fives, and White People Problems


The advent of 500 Startups first-ever Demo Day in New York drew a standing room only crowd to General Assembly yesterday for a long night of seed stage pitches and free beer that went an hour past its 9pm bedtime. Betabeat knew we were in the right place when we overheard, “We want to create a better music experience, better than Pandora,” pass for small talk over by the cheese and crackers table. The sight of TechStar’s David Tisch in a backwards baseball cap and khaki shorts (“business shabby” strikes again!) high-fiving Dave McClure was another promising sign.

All of the startups pitching were graduates of Mr. McClure’s 500 Startups, a Mountain View-based accelerator program, and many flew in from the Valley in search of local froth and perhaps a glimpse of the tall buildings. Each co-founder walked out to their own theme music, with soon-to-be baby daddy Jay-Z making a surprisingly popular choice. Read More

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Pick Your Ponies: DreamIt Demo Day is Here

There is nothing Betabeat likes better than squeezing into a tightly packed mob of investors and watching a cattle call of young start-ups strut their stuff on stage (more metaphors, please! –ed). The tweets are flying fast and furious while handshakes and checks are being exchanged. At least that was the scene at our first rodeo, when we attended TechStars NY Demo Day at Webster Hall. Today Philly-based DreamIt Ventures will unveil their first class of New York start-ups.