Delivery From Inconvenience

Delivery From Inconvenience

One-Hour Grocery App Instacart Finally Available To Manhattanites Below 110th Street

You might never have to come here in person again! (Wikimedia Commons)

Last month, we salivated over Instacart, the app that lets you order food from select New York grocery stores and have a personal shopper collect it and deliver it in as small a time frame as a single hour.

Today, Instacart shared good news: it’s finally delivering to Manhattanites below 110th Street. When Instacart first launched in New York, the service was only available below 34th Street, excluding the Financial District. Now a bigger percentage of Manhattan can experience the joys of having a friendly personal shopper bring a bag of fancy Whole Foods trail mix directly to your workplace to curb your 3 p.m. hunger attack. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

Swedish Student Invents Hand Scanner to Replace Credit Cards

A shopper uses the system. (Screengrab via YouTube)

In case paying with the swipe of a credit card wasn’t convenient enough for you, a Swedish student at Lund University has devised a way to pay for goods using a vein map of your hand.

Fredrik Leifland’s system uses vein-scanning technology that already existed, according to a prepared release. He merely connected the scanning terminals, banks, stores and customers to create a new system. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

This Startup Delivers Ingredients For Top Chef-Worthy Meals to Your Kitchen

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Step 8: Put Everything Together

Trying new recipes — it’s a pain in the butt, right? You have to pore over a cookbook, schlep to the grocery store, and then spend a small fortune on full jars of saffron and garam masala when all you really need is a single tablespoon of each. The whole process is also really time consuming, especially if — like me — you work till 6 p.m. and then have to commute back to Queens before you can even think about preparing food.

That’s why I was compelled to test out Blue Apron, an online service that delivers fresh, perfectly portioned-out ingredients with accompanying recipes directly to your door. For $9.99 per person per meal, customers can subscribe to receive the ingredients for three meals per week, each catering to their personal tastes and — as much as possible — dietary restrictions. (To my dismay, Blue Apron hasn’t started intentionally making gluten-free meals, but I did find some that were naturally gluten-free, or that could be tweaked, slightly, to accommodate my allergy.) Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

This NYC Startup Will Cheaply Store Your Excess Stuff in NJ

urBin makes storing all your winter junk easy and affordable. (urBin)

Spring is here, and we can finally pack away our colossal parkas and snow boots. But if you live in a tiny NYC apartment — many of which have nary a closet — it’s hard to find a place to store all your winter junk.

Enter urBin, the online service that whisks your stuff away to a storage facility and returns it again whenever you need it, all at the click of a button. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

New Shipping App Means You Never Have to Deal With the Post Office Again

Look how seemingly fun and easy it is to ship things now! (Shyp)

We know it’s a total #millennialproblem, but mailing stuff is really hard — especially objects that aren’t letters. You have to find the right-sized box, haul it to the post office, and then wait in line for the person behind the desk to inevitably yell at you when she discovers you wrote the return address in the wrong place. The whole thing is really traumatizing, if you ask us.

But starting today, you can download Shyp, an app that takes all the headache out of the package mailing process. All you have to do is take a photo of the item you want to mail, and specify where you’d like it to go. Shyp takes care of the rest. They’ll immediately send somebody to your home or office to package your shipment and transport it to Shyp’s warehouse, from which point it’ll be sent off on its merry way with the appropriate shipping carrier. Shyp will even deal with all the customs stuff, if you’re sending something internationally. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

One-Hour Grocery App Instacart Comes to NYC

The app is really aesthetically pleasing. (Instacart)

Grocery shopping in New York City: it’s truly the stuff of nightmares. From never-ending checkout lines that wind through the cramped aisles, to the pain of negotiating your near-bursting bags down the subway steps, sometimes we just want to call it a day and order Seamless for the rest of our lives.

But wait! An app called Instacart, originally from San Francisco, is launching today in New York City. Instacart lets you order food from your fave local grocery stores, and then select your desired delivery window, which could be as soon as the next hour — we can’t even manage to fight our way into the Union Square Trader Joe’s in that amount of time. Read More