Delivery From Inconvenience

Delivery From Inconvenience

High-Tech Butler Service Launches in NYC, Raises $2 Million

This could be your Alfred picking out your crappy all-natural, raw, vegan granola. (Alfred)

It’s hard to feel fancy when you’re living in a cramped, occasionally-roach-infested apartment in Brooklyn. But guess what? Now you can pay $99/month for an app-controlled butler.

Alfred, the TechCrunch Disrupt-winning app that calls itself “the first human-powered operating system for your busy life,” launched today in New York City and Boston. The company also announced the completion of a $2 million funding round, led by Spark Capital, additional investors SV Angel and CrunchFund. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

WunWun Finally Expands to San Francisco to Become a Proper Valley Startup

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.39.48 AM

You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley itself to run a successful tech startup, but anyone with the ambition to become one of tech’s dominant players better build a Bay Area presence — even if it’s just for the clout.

WunWun will make that jump this week when they expand their services to San Francisco. For those of you outside of New York, WunWun is a delivery service that allows you to buy anything from any store or restaurant and have it brought right to you. As long as it’s a purchased item that they don’t have to wait in line for hours for, the delivery is totally free. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

WunWun Delivers Anything From Local Stores and Restaurants For Free

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.31.48 AM

Delivery app WunWun can be used for delivering anything: groceries, ice luges, boat batteries, a Jeep for Rosie O’Donnell —  but every time those orders came in, people were paying for the delivery. No more.

As of this morning, WunWun will now deliver anything you want from a local store or restaurant for free, as long as what’s being delivered actually cost something to begin with. The previous delivery fees were around $10 to $20, but WunWun CEO Lee Hnetinka told Betabeat that they want to cut away more and more costs in order to be the “best option on planet earth” for deliveries. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

New Startup TheStylisted Lets You Summon Hair and Makeup Stylists to Your Home

Cofounders Lauren Katzenberg and Julia Carmona. (Photo via TheStylisted)

Sometimes there arises a point in a gal’s life when she needs hair and effing makeup, dammit.

And sometimes — actually, most of the time — that point arises on an incredibly busy day and on pretty short notice.

This being a first-world problem, there’s now a startup that solves it. TheStylisted is a mobile app and website that allows you to pick from an impressive array of stylists and enjoy their services at home.

It’s similar to the on-demand blowout app Glamsquad, with a few differences. TheStylisted offers makeup services while Glamsquad currently only does hair. Also, you can select your own stylists on TheStylisted. With Glamsquad, the booking process is quicker, but you don’t have a say in who comes to do your hair. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

PayPal App Just Made Splitting Your NYC Restaurant Check a Lot Easier

Someone's carbo-loading. (Photo via

Splitting the cost of a dinner between friends can be frustrating now that so many people don’t carry cash. But thanks to a new partnership between MyCheck and PayPal, the process just got a lot easier — as long as you’re dining at a participating restaurant.

Starting last week, PayPal’s mobile app incorporates technology from MyCheck, an app that enables customers to split their restaurant bill item-by-item and pay through the app. It eliminates the awkwardness of trying to split up a restaurant bill line-by-line and saves time, enabling diners to pay through the app and leave whenever they want.  Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

This NYC App Promises to Do the Impossible: Find You a Cheap Parking Spot

Like this.

There are a lot of ways to get to New York City: by plane, by train, by ferry, by subway, and by cab, if you live close enough. They’re all pretty okay.

But grumpy dads throughout the tristate area will agree that driving into NYC is a horrible way to spend a Saturday. As if the traffic, tolls and gas money weren’t enough, once a motorist arrives in Manhattan, the battle for a parking spot can be legendary. Parking garages charge the equivalent of a monthly student loan payment for just a day of service, and a free spot in NYC is harder to find than a public restroom. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

Eastward, Ho!: Grocery Delivery App Instacart Heads to Brooklyn

What up Brooklyn. (Wikimedia Commons)

It’s only been a little over a month since Instacart launched in New York City, but the one-hour grocery delivery app has been rapidly expanding — first throughout a large portion of Manhattan, and now across the East River.

Instacart will now be serving neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the company announced in a press release today. Customers will be able to place orders from Whole Foods, Costco and Key Food — they can even combine items from different stores in a single order. Read More