Death of Blogging

Death of Blogging

Keith Rabois Says Great Founders Don’t Blog; Bloggy New Yorkers Appalled


The idea that blogging is bad is borderline sacrilege in New York, where Fred Wilson, Charlie O’Donnell, Chris Dixon, Nate Westheimer, numerous founders and every biz dev hustler in town post regularly–on Tumblr, at the very least–and hold up the blog as the paragon of self-promotion.

Boo, luminary Keith Rabois says.

“I have invested in nearly 75 companies, no more than 2 of the founders have an active blog, maybe less,” Mr. Rabois tweeted on Wednesday. He thinks blogging has a low return and entrepreneurs and investors should spend their time on more productive things, he told founder, venture capitalist and blogger Jordan Cooper during a conversation at TechCrunch Disrupt. Mr. Cooper, of course, blogged about it. Read More