Cyber Nukes

Cyber Nukes

The U.S. Government Accuses the Chinese Military of Snooping, Reading Its Diary

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After several months of near-constant chatter about Chinese hackers, the U.S. government has finally come right out and said it: the Chinese military is probably, right this very minute, trying to hack into America’s computers to steal our precious bodily fluids state secrets.

That’s from the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress which, as the New York Times reports, was unusually direct in accusing China of hax0ring America’s shit. For example: Read More

Cyber Nukes

Experts Think Muslim Cyber Fighter Attacks on U.S. Banks Were ‘Well-Funded’

This guy is everywhere now. (Image Devdsp on Flickr

Analysis of the DDoS tools used in cyber attacks on American banks by religiously-motivated hackers Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters indicates a “well-funded” effort, according to security experts.

As reported by CSO Online, analysts at security firm Prolexic Technologies were able to identify the DDoS toolkit “itsoknoproblembro” as the software behind attacks against Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and PNC.

It may have a hilarious name, but “itsoknoproblembro” is serious business: Read More

Cyber Nukes

Iranian Atomic Scientists Reportedly Being Assaulted With AC/DC


Looks like the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz is, at the very least, 0 for 2 against cyber attacks. First came Stuxnet, which wreaked havoc with the equipment used to purify uranium. And now–at least, if a recent report (via VentureBeat) is true–they are dealing with a malware infestation involving sudden, late-night AC/DC.

F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen received the following email from someone who claimed to be an Iranian nuclear scientist:  Read More

Cyber Nukes

‘Olympic Games’ Sounds Like the Manhattan Project of Cyber Warfare

Let slip the dogs of cyber war. (

Gather ’round, readers, it’s Friday and that means it’s time for a cyberwar spy thriller, courtesy of the New York Times. The paper of record has an excerpt of a new book that offers a thorough history of the top-secret origins of the Stuxnet worm, and it is a corker.

So: Stuxnet, rather than a lone experiment, is actually part of a larger program designed to put a stop to Iran’s nuclear work. Dubbed “Olympic Games,” work began under George W. Bush and continued under Barack Obama, in partnership with Israel. President Obama not only signed off on the program, but ramped it up. It wasn’t supposed to escape Iran’s nuclear facilities at Natanz, but escape it did, apparently as the result of some “programming error.”

We’ve seen enough a) virus-infected laptops and b) zombie movies that we could’ve told the president that would happen. Read More