Crowd Power

Crowd Power

Will Work For Porn: XXX Site Partners with Crowdsourcing Platform So You Can Earn Credits for Porn

Mr. Tao (

There are tons of places where you can complete small online tasks for cash–Fiverr, for example, where you can post tasks you’re willing to complete for $5, or Amazon Mechanical Turk, where you can get paid a few pennies for taking online surveys, among other mini jobs.

But some people aren’t looking to earn money. Some people are looking to earn porn.

For those enterprising individuals, Extra Lunch Money (NSFW) exists. Read More

Crowd Power

Crounty, a New Startup from Fast Company’s CTO, Lets You Offer Rewards for Successful Crowdsourcing

Mr. Mankins (Google+)

Crounty, a new venture from Fast Company CTO Matt Mankins that takes its name from a portmanteau of “Crowd” and “Bounty,” launched on Wednesday for one simple reason: Sometimes you need help from the crowd to locate talented programmers or trusted subletters, and sometimes the things you need help with are so important that you’re willing to pay a bounty for them. Crounty is a platform that lets you do just that. Read More

Crowd Power

22-Year-Old Goes Missing in NYC; His Big Brother Appeals to Reddit for Help

The missing Redditor, Ian Burnet.

“My name is Jamie, and I’m from Virginia,” starts the plea for help. “My little brother, Ian, (speaks_for_trees) left on Boxing Day, right after Christmas, to spend New Years in Times Square with some people he didn’t know very well. They spoke another language from him and apparently he felt alienated, and on the 30th he simply… walked away. And no one knows where he is.Read More