Crime Does Pay

Crime Does Pay

Hairdresser-in-Training Accused of Basically Running an Uber for Getaway Cars

Not so much.

The long arm of the law has reached out and put a stop to one entrepreneurial young woman’s brilliant technology-enabled service for local burglars.

The BBC reports that 20-year-old Nicole Gibson, a “trainee hairdresser” from Donegal, allegedly went around informing local criminals that if they needed a getaway car, they could just give her a holler and she’d be right there. “She would be at home and would get a text message to pick people up,” a cop explained. Ah, ain’t the peer-to-peer economy grand?  Read More

Crime Does Pay

NYU Professor Learns It Doesn’t Pay to Catch Cheating Students

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Prof.  recently won tenure at the NYU Stern School of Business, where he teaches in the information systems department. With this added layer of protection, Dr. Ipeirotis decided to dig a little deeper into which of his students might be plagiarizing their assignments. He ran their work through Turnitin, which compares student papers against hundreds of millions of previous assignments, academic journals and the like.  By the end of the semester 22 students out of a class of 108 admitted to cheating and several were expelled from his class.

It was a moral victory, to be sure, but rather than simply celebrating, Dr. Ipeirotis did what anyone with a serious engineering bent would, he analyzed the cost of catching these perpetrators. In all, he calculated, it took 45 hours to catch and coax confessions out of these students. With one in five students a convicted plagarist, classes became quite awkward. At the end of the year Dr. Ipeirotis saw his score from student evaluations drop from above to below average, which meant that despite getting tenure, he received his lowest salary increase ever. Read More