Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment

Taking Selfies on an iPod Stolen from a Toddler Is One Way to Ensure Your Arrest

The suspect. (Photo: NYDN/NYPD)

So, here’s a tip for robbers: If you’re going to steal someone’s new iPod, don’t take selfies, because you’ll just incriminate yourself

A teen learned that when she snatched the Apple device from a 2-year-old boy sitting in a stroller then took photos of herself–without knowing that they were linked to the toddler’s mom iPhone. The bizarre chain of events happened Friday in the Bronx. Read More

Crime and Punishment

Murder Conviction Might be Overturned Because Thirsty Juror Hit on Witness via Facebook

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while a message on Facebook is actually useful, and this is one of those times. A Tennessee Supreme Court said that a message delivered on the social networking site between a juror and a witness could overturn a murder conviction and a life sentence.

The 2010 murder case of suspect William Darelle Smith was sent to a lower court Tuesday because the content of the message wasn’t revealed during a pretrial hearing and it potentially could’ve affected the outcome of the trial. The juror sent a message to the assistant medical examiner heaping praise on her testimony and inquiring if she saw him in the juror stand. Read More

Crime and Punishment

Suspect Busted When He ‘Likes,’ Shares the Cops’ Facebook Photo of Him

(Photo: Facebook)

Last month, attendees at the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California got a little out of control, by which we mean they threw a full-scale riot complete with knocked-over porta-potties. (Harsh the vibe much, man?) In the hopes of catching the perpetrators, cops posted a slew of photos on Facebook and asked for the public’s help.

Well, LAist reports that one young man really stepped up and did his civic duty. When his dumb-ass friend tagged him in one of the photos, he “responded by liking the post and sharing it on Facebook,” according to LAist. Read More

Crime and Punishment

NYPD Busts Rapper Who Boasted About His Illegal Guns on Instagram and YouTube

The evidence. (Photo: NYPD)

You don’t get the feeling that when up-and-coming rapper Matthew Best was choosing the Rise filter for his pictures of illegally smuggled assault weapons, he fully intended on receiving anything more than a few faves. His social media trail assisted the New York Police Department yesterday in its biggest gun bust ever that led to the seizure of 250 firearms and 19 arrests. Read More

Crime and Punishment

Man Fined $32K for Jamming Newark Airport’s Signals Because He Wanted to Avoid Work

Jammed. (Photo: Flickr)

A New Jersey man has figured out the stupidest way to hide from his employer — and he’s being charged a lot money for it.

The FCC is imposing a civil penalty on Gary Bojczak, which includes a $32,000 fine, for illegally using a GPS jamming device to avoid being tracked by his employer after it interfered with Newark Liberty Airport’s satellite-based tracking system.

Investigators said Mr. Bojcazk rolled up to the airport last August in his Ford pickup and was “emanating signals within a restricted frequency band used by the augmentation system.” Read More

Crime and Punishment

‘Here Your Stuff Back:’ Burglars Return Computers and Leave Note That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

The note. (Photo: Candy Stallings)

In what sounds like something straight out of an old episode of Oprah, a group of burglars returned their loot after they found out it was stolen from a nonprofit’s office.

Last week, thieves ransacked the San Bernardino County Sexual Assault Services office by descending through the ceiling and collected several computers, monitors and a laptop. Read More

Crime and Punishment

Man Busted for Stealing Church Computer When He Tries to Disable Porn Blocking Software

Troy Ridling. (Photo: KRMG/OPD)

We don’t get the sense that Troy Ridling completely thought out his plan to steal his church’s computer to watch porn.

The setting is flyover country Oklahoma. Church employees discovered a computer (probably an old Packard Bell?) was missing, and they figured out it was an inside job since nothing was damaged and there was no sign of a break in.

It was, however, outfitted with tracking software, and so the church was notified when someone decided to take a look at some porn. Read More