Which Techie Ex-Pat Is the Bigger Pain in the Neck: John McAfee or Kim Dotcom?

Your move! (Photos: Instagram/Kim_Dotcom; Vice)

It’s confirmed: Antivirus pioneer John McAfee has made it out of Belize (his 20-year-old girlfriend and a couple of Vice yahoos in tow) and into Guatemala, where he is now petitioning for asylum. What’s more, according to the latest post to his blog, he would like to please meet the prime minister of Belize on neutral ground to work through their supposed “mutual issues.”

Which inspires us to wonder which techie ex-patriot is the bigger pain in the butt: McAfee, or Megaupload mastermind Kim Dotcom. If you were an immigration official required to admit one of these loudmouthed, trouble-making characters, who would you choose?

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