The Hatchery Launches a Fashion District Coworking Space and a ‘Sweat Fund’ To Help Startups Close Deals


If you hadn’t heard, office space in New York is increasingly hard to come by. The Hatchery, the startup advisory firm behind the infamously rigorous pitch events “Are You Serious?” and The Gauntlet, wants to help with that–and a whole host of other problems early-stage startups have to deal with, such as finding customers and growing revenue.

To that end, Hatchery founder Yao-Hui Huang is launching the Hatchery 500, named after the space’s address at 500 Seventh Avenue at 37th Street. The 16,000 square foot space offers shared desks ($450/month), dedicated desks ($850/month), and offices (starting at $3,100/month). There are plasma-enabled conference rooms and a 1 gig+ fiber connection. But the real draw is likely the collaborative milieu, which includes events, workshops and the chance to apply to something called the Sweat Fund. Please allow Ms. Huang to explain. Read More


Is WeWork About to Open the Largest CoWorking Space IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD?

Too many techies, not enough desk.

Leave it to Observer friend and alum Laura Kusisto to rectify the cold shoulder The Wall Street Journal has been turning toward Silicon Alley’s very own co-working movement with some big news, potentially of the world historical variety.

WeWork has apparently locked down 74,000 sq. ft. on 175 Varick Street near the Holland Tunnel to give techie types a shared space away from home.  It boasts a ridonkulous 700 desks and all the proper startup accountrement: scooters, pool tables, and video games.  Read More


Wall Street Journal Has No Love For New York Co-Working Spaces?

S'okay, we love you, WeWork!

Co-working, as the Journal is here to tell you, isn’t just for Valley types anymore. “Besides the cost advantages, entrepreneurs in technology and other fields say they like co-working spaces because their open floor plans boost collaboration, offer more flexibility on leases and can even help land investors.” You don’t say!

But despite this rising tech tide springing up shared workspaces around the country, the article only name checks two locations outside California and only one from New York’s growing pool: General Assembly, natch. Read More


SeatGeek Needs More Chairs – Headed for New Office

ben kessler

Hats off to the first company to come out of General Assembly, SeatGeek, which helps users get the best deals on tickets being sold on the secondary markets.

They were part of the inaugural group of start-ups housed at the tech space cum web university in the Flatiron. Now they are moving to down to 11th an University to make room for six summer interns and a gaggle of new employees.

The company recently added Guy Oseary and Ashton Kutcher as investors, bringing some court side celebrity to the $2 million they had already raised from folks like Founders Collective and NYC Seed.

“We’ve currently got 60,000 events at any given time,” says SeatGeek’s Ben Kessler. “We just hired another full time developer and we felt like we’re reaching a size where it was important to get our own space to further establish SeatGeek’s company culture.”  Read More


New Coworking Space WeWorkLabs Opening April 1


The website for WeWorkLabs, the 50-person coworking space and community at WeWork’s SoHo location, is up and accepting applications. WeWorkLabs is looking for “startup companies, freelance designers/developers, PR/Marketing professionals, writers, or anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit” to join. One twist: The site says the space will come with a “network of mentors to help people take their projects/products to the next level,” putting WWL somewhere between General Assembly and TechStars on the spectrum of coworking spaces. Read More


We Need a New Word for Coworking


One night in the summer of 2007, a group of freelancers and entrepreneurs met in a brick-walled coffee shop on St. Marks to toast their untethering. It was the grand opening of CooperBricolage, one of the first coworking collectives in New York City, and everyone in the room was flush-faced and smiling like idiots. Read More