@Uberfacts Creator Defends Stealing Tweets, Says ‘Facts Are Not Creative Works’

Hmmm. (Photo via @Uberfacts)

Amid allegations that the @Uberfacts Twitter account posts fraudulent “facts,” rival account @FACTSlides has accused the @Uberfacts creator of stealing his tweets word for word. Who knew the world of fun facts was so fraught.

FACTSlides founder Luke Reiner recently told Betabeat that Kris Sanchez, the creator of @Uberfacts, was repeatedly stealing his work and passing it off as his own. Mr. Sanchez, on the other hand, says facts are not property.

FACTSlides is a slideshow-like website that presents facts along with links to their sources. It has a corresponding Twitter account, @FACTSlides. The competing @Uberfacts is a Twitter account that posts facts but has no corresponding website — and has 6.3 million followers to @FACTSlides’s 1,000. Read More


Paulo Coelho, Author of The Alchemist, Briefly Ripped Off an NYC Startup


Paulo Coehlo, the highly-acclaimed Brazilian novelist behind The Alchemist, has more than 10 million “likes” on his Facebook page and almost 7 million followers on Twitter. A few hours ago, all those social media fans saw Mr. Coehlo share a manifesto on Facebook and Twitter. He also made it the background of his Twitter profile.

Since Mr. Coehlo included his name in big, red font at the bottom of the post, his followers could be forgiven for assuming he had written it. However, the manifesto is actually the copyrighted work of Holstee, a New York City-based lifestyle goods company that describes itself as “pursuing our dream for a sustainable & united planet.”  Read More