Content Farming

Content Farming

Spam and Punishment: Google’s Changes Cut eHow Search Traffic by 20%; Demand Media Pivots


We’re aghast at the prospect of losing such low-hanging snarkfruit as “How to Get to Heaven,” so news articles with titles like “eHow Getting Serious About Quality” make us sad, but it looks like Google’s recent crackdown on spammy put-some-words-on-the-internet content businesses is compelling some word farmers to up their standards. Google blocked certain sites, if you remember, in an algorithm update known as Operation Panda, and one of the victims was Demand Media-owned eHow. This is funny because Demand Media triumphantly went public–debuting at $17 a share, higher than expected, and rising 33 percent on the first day–shortly before Google announced it was changing the rules of the game. So what did that New York-based company tell stockholders on an earnings call yesterday? Read More

Content Farming

The Dance Continues Between Google and Demand Media

panda demand chart

Matt Cutts, the man in charge of Google’s anti-webspam efforts, made waves when he publicly announced that the search giant would be tweaking its¬†algorithm¬†to try and reduce the number of high ranking results coming from “content farms”. The news was especially dramtic because it broke just as Demand Media finally made good on its billion Read More

Content Farming

Two Big Tech IPOs, Two Big Profit Fibs Revealed

hot air balloons

The last month has signaled the rebirth of the market for web IPOs. Facebook’s private offering set the tone, although the social networking company probably won’t go public for another year.

But investors eagerly snapped up shares of “content farm” king Demand Media Wednesday. Then on Thursday LinkedIn, the smaller, more professional Read More