Code or Be Coded

Code or Be Coded

If You’re an Android Coder in NYC, Expect a Huge Salary

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Android is eating the planet as more people worldwide take up Android as either their first or latest smartphone. Problem is, those people need apps, and apps need coders to make them, and a number of hiring managers, founders and consultants here in NYC are coming up dry when looking for capable Android talent.

“Hiring for Android is almost impossible,” Ben Schippers, cofounder of dev-shop HappyFunCorp, told Betabeat. “You’re seeing a spike in Android use, and now we’re competing with Samsung, Facebook, Google and the Fortune 500 for talent.” Read More

Code or Be Coded

Catching Up With Codecademy: Nothing Says Christmas Like Building Your Own HTML/CSS ‘Code Cards’

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Codecademy managed to win the holiday news cycle last year with its Code Year pledge that even got Mayor Bloomberg to learn to code in 2012–or at least tweet his New Year’s resolution. It was hard to miss the headlines crowing about coding as the lingua franca of the 21st century. But despite the best intentions, some of us fell off the wagon, hard. Read More

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‘Do Not Learn to Code,’ Declares Professional Coder

Mr. Atwood, probably yelling at you for wanting to learn a new hobby. (

The “learn to code” meme probably reached its pinnacle around the time Mayor Bloomberg announced his dedication to the initiative, but it has now begun the inevitable slide into backlash territory. Who would have thought that a fluffy gesture of commitment to a burgeoning New York industry would tip over into controversy? This is why we can’t have nice things, Internet.

In a post published today on his popular blog Coding Horror, Stack Exchange founder Jeff Atwood publicly decried programming newbies’ hilarious attempts to learn the art of code. As if you pathetic wannabes could ever know as much as he does about coding. Read More

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Business Dudes are Coming for Your Code

Mr. Fry (

Remember that whole kerfuffle earlier this week, when the Internet convinced itself that if they could just learn to code that they, too, could quickly become millionaires? Yeah, we penned a screed condemning that theory, but it appears it was not enough to stem the exodus of business dudes to coding professions. Our apologies.

Spencer Fry, cofounder of online portfolio site Carbonmade, wrote a blog post today explaining why he’s taking time off from being a “business guy” to learn to code. Mr. Fry put his computer science degree on hold in order to run TypeFrag, and ended up graduating with a psychology degree instead. This has apparently always haunted Mr. Fry. “Looking back at my decision to drop Computer Science for TypeFrag, I have no regrets,” he wrote. “However, not being able to contribute directly to the building of my products often left me feeling empty.” Read More

Code or Be Coded

So. How Many of You Stuck to Your Codecademy Resolution?

Codecademy founders Mr. Sims and Mr. Bubinski. (

Forbes has a story this morning: “Going Viral: How Codecademy Snagged 200,000 Users in Seven Days.” It took three months for the blog of money-record to write this story about Codecademy’s “Code Year,” the project by the company’s 21 and 22-year-old founders that challenged people to learn to code in 2012 and netted a total of 408,000 registered users. “Perhaps only new Apple products can boast a quicker absorption rate,” Forbes writes. Wow! Read More