Cloud Down

Cloud Down

Amazon Still Recovering; Aviary Still Down

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Poor is still down, forced to replace its site with a screenshot of the homepage and an apology: “Our hosting company (amazon EC2) is experiencing a large-scale outage that is affecting many sites across the internet, including Reddit, FourSquare and us. They are working to resolve the problem and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re back. Meanwhile, enjoy this preview of our new homepage!” Read More

Cloud Down

Start-Ups Look to Rackspace as Amazon Outage Drags On


New York start-ups love them some Amazon Web Services, the cloud hosting platform that remotely stores data and makes it easy to add new servers quickly in the event of an increase in usage. But the giant stumbled this morning with an outage at its Eastern data center which took down sites across the web including Reddit, Foursquare and Quora, and while many sites are back up, some continue to experience downtime; locally, web app maker Aviary has been down all day. Read More

Cloud Down

Amazon Web Services and the Lean Startup Ecosystem

All Is Not Well In This Cloud

One of the most interesting developments in the tech industry since the dot com days has been the emergence of cloud infrastructure like Amazon web services.

With AWS, young companies are able to scale faster and cheaper. One of the reasons the seed stage ecosystem is so flooded with cash right now is because a small investment is enough to build a viable app and test the market for consumer traction.

So it’s been a trip watching Twitter today as AWS experiences its worst outage on the East Coast in recent memory. It’s not just the little guys. Established companies like Foursquare, Aviary and Thrillist have all been affected. Read More