Disgruntled Freelancers Plan to Drop $16 M. in Unpaid Invoices On the Steps on the New York State Senate


Later this afternoon, members of the Freelancers Union are set to descend on the steps of the New York State Senate in Albany with “the world’s longest invoice.” They’re speaking literally (we checked).

Last month, the organization started a site to solicit outstanding bills from web developers, app designers, SEO consultants, and every other manner of contractual helper. (Sadly, it looks like the  $2,012.00 entry for  “dildo polishing,” has since been eliminated.) The grand total, which started at around $4 million, is already up to $15.9 million. And members are taking a print out with them upstate to “unfurl” down the steps at 2.15 pm. Read More


World’s Longest Invoice, Launched Six Hours Ago, Already Has 114 Entries for Web Development


A few months ago we brought you the story of Carlos “Storm” Martinez, just one of many non-paying clients commissioning work on the web. The woes of the freelancer are long. But worse than picky clients, schizophrenic clients, and clients with anger issues, are clients that don’t pay.

The World’s Longest Invoice, created by the Freelancer’s Union, debuted earlier today so freelancers can enter their unpaid invoices via a simple online form. The alleged unpaid bills amount to more than $4 million (though that includes one entry for a $2,012.00 “dildo polishing” which is possibly fake—though possibly not). Read More


98 M. Women on Facebook, 20 Showed Up for This Protest


From these Forbes photos from the scene, it looks like perhaps two dozen women and a few good men showed up at Facebook’s Manhattan headquarters yesterday to protest the lack of women on the social network’s board. “Women and Facebook: 58% of Users. 0 Board Members,” read one sign.

The group was turned away. “The handful of protesters that gathered in front of Facebook’s office on Madison Avenue at noon was disappointed when the company refused to accept a petition signed by 53,000 users asking the company to include women on its board of directors,” writes Social Times.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t even accept meetings with the titans of Wall Street begging to sell his stock for obscene amounts of dollars. As Grandma would say: Bless their hearts. At least it went better than the Apple store protest.