Foursquare Reportedly Launching a Paid Media Platform in June

Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley (

One day in the future, we will look back through the lenses of our Google Glasses and remember this week as the week that popular New York startups gave in to the inevitable: the inevitable being advertising, of course.

On Wednesday we reported that, despite founder David Karp’s publicly noted distaste for ads, Tumblr would be opening up the Tumblr Radar spot to brands. Now, it looks like Foursquare is following suit. AdAge reports that the mobile check-in app will be launching a paid media platform in mid-June. Read More


Foursquare Announces 20 Million Users


Today is Foursquare day! Cuz it’s 4/16, and 4 squared = 16. Get it? Well whatever, location check-in startup Foursquare celebrates today as a holiday, with t-shirts and everything. This year, they decided to announce a major company milestone in accordance with the holiday: over the past four months, the company has gained¬†five million users, bringing their total number of users to over 20 million. They’ve also reached two billion check-ins, which is no small feat in itself. Read More


Foursquare Is the New Arbiter of Celebrity


Foursquare, the digital equivalent of carving “I wuz here” on the walls of New York’s healthiest restaurants and most excellent nightlife venues, is cultivating a userbase of mega-narcissists. (Like all social media, let’s be fair.) Now Foursquare users who accumulate more than 1,000 “friends” get anemail of congratulations (“You’re pretty popular”) Read More