Mongolian Government Bans 774 Phrases from Internet Including ‘Asshat’ and ‘Male Genitalia’

Here are some people in Mongolia. (Getty)

It’s a good thing Betabeat isn’t based in Mongolia, because we wouldn’t be able to publish words like “dicks” and “ass-pirate.”

According to Tech in Asia, who spotted the announcement on Mongolian news site Shuum, the Mongolian Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has just released a list of 774 words and phrases banned from appearing on local websites. Read More


Guess Which Government Sent Google the Most Removal Requests? USA! USA! USA!


This week at Dublin’s Conference for Internet Freedom, deputy assistant secretary of state Thomas Melia criticized foreign governments for their attempts to censor the web. According to the Irish Times, Mr. Melia, who works in the US Bureau of Democracy, told conference-goers, “too many governments were filtering, censoring content, taking down sites, and perpetuating Internet shutdowns.”

As Ars Technica points out, that censure looks a tad hypocritical in the context of Google’s latest transparency report. Read More


Google Developer Drafts a New Error Code To Let You Know When Sites Have Been Censored


With all the court-ordered censorship of file-sharing sites like The Pirate Bay and MegaUpload, Google’s Tim Bray has decided your standard 403 status code just won’t do. As the Verge reports, Mr. Bray, who co-invented XML and now works as a developer advocate for Android, is submitting a draft for a new HTTP Status Code that would let users know when a webpage they’ve requested can’t be accessed because of legal restrictions like state-censorship. Read More