Cell your Soul

Cell your Soul

Italian Court Rules That Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors

Hope you don't get cancer, CEO guy. (

Italy’s Supreme Court has issued a ruling that could have a ripple effect for cellphone manufacturers all over the world by declaring a “causal link” between an Italian businessman’s non-cancerous tumor and his daily cellphone usage.

The businessman, Innocente Marcolini, said he used his cellphone as much as six hours a day for work. Now his face his paralyzed on one side.

Testimony from oncologists and researchers on Mr. Marcolini’s behalf might spook even the most hardcore cellphone user: Read More

Cell your Soul

Nokia’s Q1 Earnings Are In: Apparently the Beta Test Isn’t Over After All


Nokia may have scored a couple points on the hip chart with their commercials featuring 30 Rock’s Chris Parnell, but even Dr. Spaceman couldn’t save the company from continuing to be pigeonholed as that cheap brand for throwaway phones you buy during study abroad. Nokia’s Q1 earnings reports are in, and while the Lumia nabbed some pretty impressive reviews, its actual sales numbers have been a little less than impressive. Read More

Cell your Soul

Motorola’s Droid Bionic Consumates Marriage of Human and Smartphone

Can you believe what they're charging for a data plan these days?

Betabeat has been using the original Droid since 2009, and with the occasional factory refresh, it’s been an amazing phone. But as much as we love the old girl, she’s reaching the end of her usable life. After reading some horror stories about how Android was being ruined by crapware from the manufactures and carriers, we were planning on getting the iPhone 5. But after spending a few weeks with Motorola’s new flagship phone, the Droid Bionic, we may end up sticking with Android after all. Read More