Here’s the First Cat Video Ever Recorded

(Screencap: YouTube)

The Los Angeles Times published an excellent piece today surveying the landcape of YouTube-famous cats, including the moody Henri, the box-loving Maru and Lil’ Bub, who just cannot keep his little tongue in his mouth. Buried in the middle of the article, however, is an interesting tidbit about the history of cat videos. Though the first was probably uploaded to the Internet during the latter half of the 20th century, the LA Times reports that the first-ever cat video was recorded by Thomas Edison, he of lightbulb fame. Read More


Why Do 15,000 People Care About a Missing Cat At JFK? One Word: Facebook.


The story of Jack the Cat, lost by American Airlines baggage handlers at JFK International Airport, continues to captivate public attention six weeks later–as evidenced mostly by tweeting, clicking the Like button on Facebook and commenting on Facebook. This is a guest post by a Delaware-based “Friend of Jack,” Andrea Baumann, who writes about why she felt moved to join the 15,000 or so fans of “Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK.”

I logged onto Facebook August 29th. There is an adorable little cat out there in cyber-land, called Willow. She has her own page because she’s “different”–she’s not everyone’s idea of a “normal cat.” Willow has a physical disability with a spunky, outgoing personality, which is showcased through the efforts of her family to show the world their version of a “normal” cat. Props to them. Willow commented on a news item–“omg! There’s a cat lost in the airport!” I clicked the link–what the heck, I thought, the noodles are still cooking–and began to read. Read More