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Call Me Maybe

Well, Here’s Why Your Cell Phone Barely Works

Manhattanites cluster around free Wifi. (Iam Lamb)

Late Monday night, you probably saw friends south of Flatiron fall off the grid and not resurface until answering your panicked text messages Tuesday morning from somewhere uptown.

That’s because, thanks to Sandy, cell service downtown is–not to put too fine a point on it–totally fucked. You might be getting patches of service, but it’s likely an exercise in massive frustration. Don’t hold your breath on it getting fixed right away, either, says the FCC. Read More

Call Me Maybe

Hey, New Yorkers: Please Tell Your Butts to Stop Dialing 911


It happens to everyone, particularly since most cell phones have touchscreens now: it’s not a drunk dial, or a sext–it’s a butt dial, and apparently New York City is plagued by them.

The New York Daily News reports that the city receives four million 911 calls a year that are accidental, and probably dialed by someone’s butt:

Most of the calls — commonly referred to as butt calls — came from cell phone users who mistakenly dial 911 when making contact with phones in their back pockets, purses or elsewhere….The 911 system handled 3,910,373 butt calls in 2010, the report noted — even more than the 3,495,716 calls in which police cars were dispatched to actual emergencies.

Might we suggest locking your screen?