Burn After Calling

Burn After Calling

This Man Got Second-Degree Burns from an iPhone [PICS]

(Photo: Kevin Oulds)

Cautionary tale! When Betabeat asked for your extreme stories of iPhone loss, damage or erasure, we never expected to hear something like this. Kevin is an aspiring entrepreneur whose dream is to be on the cover of Inc.; he asked that we not use his last name.

Kevin has been burned by Apple once—literally—and he has the photographic evidence to prove it.

“I spilled water on my leg & my iPhone was in my pocket,” Kevin wrote in the contest-winning comment. “It short circuited and burnt my leg with second-degree burns…in the shape of the iPhone buttons on the side. True story.”

Yeah right, we said. Prove it.

Within the hour, Kevin had sent along three photos showing the damage: three red, button-shaped scabs on his leg. “I tried to raise the issue with Apple but nothing came of it (other than them replacing my iPhone with a brand new one),” he told Betabeat in an email. Read More