‘Their Business Strategy Is Terrible:’ Fired Zynga Employee Takes to Reddit for Tell-All AMA

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It wasn’t long after Zynga announced it would be laying off 18 percent of its staff that fired employees began to speak to the press. But one enterprising ex-Zyngaite decided to circumvent the traditional media route by hosting his own AMA on Reddit.

“What do you want to know about Zynga?” wrote the poster under the handle former_zyngite. “I’ll try to be as honest and open as possible.” As proof of his identity, the poster included a photo of his layoff paperwork. Read More


As Dan Porter Departs, Former Zynga Folks Dish


You’ve got to wonder what employee happy hours are like in the legendarily intense environs of Zynga. (We’re gonna guess testy.) A couple days ago, the company announced the departure of New York GM Dan Porter, and former employees are already dishing to Fast Company. A lot of former Zynga staffers, it seems, are ready to trash talk the OMGPOP acquisition, which cost Zynga a $95.5 million write-down.

One former employee complained to Fast Company, “They bought it at the peak [of Draw Something], and people got tired of the gameplay quickly and the usership dropped. We got the timing wrong.” Read More


A Share of Zynga Is Now Worth Less Than a Shake Shack Milkshake

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Zynga just closed at 3.06 per share. The good news? That’s not an all-time low, as it dipped below $3.00 in July. However, it’s hovering at dismal levels, compared to the schadenfreude-inspiring state of Facebook (19.15).

But let’s put that in real dollars, shall we? A single share of Zynga is now worth fewer American greenbacks than a Shake Shack milkshake ($5.00), a Sunday New York Times (also $5.00) and the Metrocard cost of a trip to Coney Island and back ($4.50).

$3.00 isn’t going to get you much in the way of virtual items, either.

However, it is still possible to assemble a decent meal off the Wendy’s 99-cent value menu for less than the cost of a share of Zynga, provided that you are not very hungry.