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Bronies Raising $40,000 to Name an Alligator ‘Gummy’

Sure why not. (Photo: Equestria Daily)

Though members of the brony community are no strangers to drama, once united in the name of friendship and rainbows and glitter, they can be a powerful force for good. Now, fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic are channeling their obsession with cartoon horses into philanthropy by pledging to donate money to Los Angeles’s Wildlife Learning Center in the name of MLP characters. Read More

Brony Beat

Pony Up: First Ever Brony Commercial Airs Tonight During Primetime

(Screencap: YouTube)

Tonight is a big night for television. Not only is it the series premiere of Bravo’s much-anticipated Start-Ups: Silicon Valleybut the internet’s favorite fandom is finally getting its own primetime TV commercial. Giddy-up!

The Daily Dot reports that The Brony Thank You Fund, a nonprofit that encourages fans of My Little Pony to demonstrate their gratitude to the show through charitable giving, has filmed its first 30-second TV spot. The commercial features bronies of all ages–some in military uniform!–stating why they’re thankful for the show. At the end, viewers are urged to give toys to Toys for Tots this holiday season. The commercial is set to debut during primetime on the Hub TV network. Read More

Brony Beat

Walmart is Now Selling an ‘I <3 Bronies' T-Shirt

(Photo: Equestria Daily)

Yesterday Walmart announced that it is beginning to test same-day delivery, much to the chagrin of its former partner Amazon. But you know what you can now get delivered from Walmart, hopefully same-day? Brony-themed t-shirts!

According to Equestria Daily, the #1 news source for all things brony, Walmart has begun to sell women’s t-shirts with “I love Bronies” emblazoned on the front. The only trouble with this, as the Daily Dot points out, is that Walmart has used the image for the old vintage 1980’s My Little Pony cartoon instead of the modern day update, which most bronies far prefer. Read More