Broing Out

Broing Out

Report: Google Interns Annoy Neighbors With Raucous Parties, Late-Night Hot Tub Sessions

"Did someone say hot tub?" (Photo: Getty)

For most of the world, a college internship is comprised of coffee runs, stapling, a boring commute and zero pay. But if you’re a Google intern, your summer may look more like a season of “Jersey Shore,” according to a report from Daily Intelligencer.

Google not only pays its interns, but also provides them with a place to live — namely, the Crescent Village apartment complex in North San Jose, Calif. There, the college students enjoy swimming pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, a gaming room and a 23-seat movie theater.  Read More

Broing Out

Thrillist’s JackThreads Introduces ‘The Jills,’ a Customer Service Team to Stand In for Your Girlfriend

Mr. Lerer (Photo: Lerer Ventures)

JackThreads, the members-only shopping site for sartorially savvy fellows, launched a new feature last week that may appeal to those whose shopping habits are calibrated to 1960s-era PanAm flight. The new customer service tool is called “Jill Says,” and it allows members to live chat with an all-female team of customer service representatives and stylists called “The Jills.”

Skeptical that the company would really hire a staff of women to coddle its shoppers in the safe space of a chat box, we ran a quick Turing Test.

“Hello, my name is Jill. I’m your personal stylist today! What can I help you with?”

“Hi! Are you a real person? Or an automated service,” we asked.

“lol I’m real,” she responded. We were already feeling the love. Read More