Some Sparkling Wit at Microsoft Slipped ‘Big Boobs’ Into Random Code

Guys, it's not THAT big of a secret. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Is it possible that Microsoft is partially staffed by developers who are, literally, 12-year-old boys? Maybe we’re dealing with a Big situation, here? Because we’re pretty sure that’s the best possible explanation for this, from NetworkWorld:

“Some chucklehead working for Microsoft thought it would be funny to slip a thinly camouflaged sexist remark — “big boobs” — into software code that connects the Linux kernel to Microsoft’s HyperV virtualization product.”

We could easily work ourselves into a tizzy over this. But instead, we’ll take a cue from our unflappable high school principle and say: Guys, we work on the Internet. It’s going to take a lot more than some juvenile reference to titties to shock us.


We Need to Make Tech Uncool Again

A gentleman from the Brogramming Facebook page

Until recently, tech was an industry primarily inhabited and represented by ponytailed geek guys. Though the sandals may still abound, the image of the modern nerd is far from nerdy: tech is cool, and not just because the products these geeks develop are so inextricably tied to our every day lives.

Effervescent wunderkinds and Ivy League golden boys are forgoing finance to wade into the tech pool with the geeks, slapping their names on any startup harnessing the Social Graph API and slipping into the most visible roles in business development, marketing and product. Hey, nerd. Move over. Read More