The App That Turns Your Selfies Into a Bra Size Is Now Available to the Boob-Having Public

Fresh Kate Middleton blowout not included. (Screengrab:

Many women can recall their first bra fitting. Perhaps, at 10 years old, your mom dragged you to Macy’s. Perhaps a crotchety old saleslady pulled a threadbare tape measure taut around your newly formed bosom. Perhaps she then screeched out, “Nearly A!” to the entire second floor of Macy’s, and you were never able to visit that store’s intimates department without PTSD-like flashbacks ever again.

Or, maybe your bra-buying experience has only gone so far as to be mildly inconvenient. But these days, where there’s a mild inconvenience, there’s a cottage industry of tech startups looking to disrupt the whole thing, so bra apps are fully developing left and right. One such startup, ThirdLove, incorporates selfies into the bra-fitting process, because sure why not, and it just came out of beta to become available to breast-and-iPhone-havers everywhere. Read More


Facebook Blocks Ad for Showing Majestic Boobies

Boobies, you guys! (Photo: Getty)

Facebook has no patience for boobies–not even the feathered kind. The social media site reportedly took immediate action after the Christmas Island Tourism Board posted an ad for its annual Bird’n’Nature Week that read: “Some gorgeous shots here of some juvenile boobies.”

Of course, ornithologists and casual weekend bird-watchers alike know that “boobies”—besides being, you know, boobies—are also a type of goofy-looking bird found on islands and along coastlines, including on Christmas Island, a small Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. Read More