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Unreliable Narrators! TechCrunch Blogger Inserted ‘Random Information (Sometimes Even False)’ Into Posts

Mr. Siegler. (Photo: LinkedIn)

The blogosphere is a brave new news world, but it’s generally assumed that blogs that report the news adhere to basic journalistic standards—like not deliberately inserting bits of misinformation into their virtual pages. Right?

Former TechCrunch blogger MG Siegler took a dig at bloggers who rewrite others’ reporting. “I used to love to plant one really weird bit of random information (sometimes even false) into stories to catch the rewrites,” he tweeted earlier today. There’s that TechCrunch swagger. Read More

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Betabeat Gets an Ombudsman! Some Thoughts on the Eben Moglen Interview

This reporter’s contentious interview with privacy advocate and Columbia prof Eben Moglen sparked a long discussion in the comments about privacy, Facebook, and journalistic responsibility. A student of Mr. Moglen and a developer at the Columbia Center for New Media and Teaching, Jonah Bossewitch, wrote a post-mortem on the affair under the headline, “Yelling it like it is.” “Was Moglen trying out a new media strategy? Was this a calculated publicity stunt? A performative critique of journalistic conventions? How effective was it…?” Worth a read.