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Blind Item

Okay, Which of You Got Freaky With the CEO of a ‘Prominent Web Startup’ at Davos?

It seems no opportunity for romance is outside the purview of dating site HowAboutWe. Hence this recap of the pickins for participants at Davos, the Model U.N. for wealthy grown-ups. Apparently, “the dynamics at Davos are basically the same as the dynamics of any other group of human beings.” We’re as shocked as you are!

The primary source for the post was a nameless tech CEO, who swore the younger attendees, at least, kept it pretty chaste: Read More

Blind Item

Which Well-Funded New York Cofounder Is Ready To Raise Again?


Sorry, startups, but you’re going to have to get better at the Stanford swivel.

One local developer wrote in to Betabeat to recount a meeting at a Williamsburg coffee shop earlier today between a well-heeled startup founder, who recently raised a hefty double-digit sum, and what appeared to be a management consultant. “Trying to clean up that awkward public image they’ve got?” the source wondered. Read More