Birds and Bees and Bytes

Birds and Bees and Bytes

Angry Nerds: Bird-Watchers Pissed About Ornithology Apps

Actually not the only bird app there is, believe it or not.

If your weird aunt and uncle who home-schooled their children seem to be in a foul mood lately, it may be due to new apps built to disrupt bird-watching, Huffington Post reports.

And it’s not just because app users are cheating compared to people who’ve studied bird noises their entire lives for “fun.” The apps are also confusing to birds who are just trying to chill in their natural environs. From HuffPo: Read More

Birds and Bees and Bytes

Eric Schmidt Recommends Parents Talk Online Privacy Before Sex

Hakuna matata, guys! (Photo:

Teenagers, God bless them, have the impulse control of slightly dim goats. That’s why juvenile records are sealed–no one needs to know you got caught tagging boxcars when you were 15 and going through an Eminem phase. But the existence of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and their ilk means today’s teens are going to have a tougher time scrubbing their reputations. And even Google chairman Eric Schmidt is willing to admit it’s pretty much a “privacy nightmare.” Read More