Big Brother Is Watching

Big Brother Is Watching

Hey Facebook, Good Job Alienating Everyone to Make a Point We Already Knew

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Facebook gave the world a new reason to think they’re a bunch of scary, omnipotent puppeteers last week when it was revealed that Facebook data scientists tinkered with users’ news feeds to study the emotional impact it would have.

It all started when the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published the study by a team of data scientists working with Facebook, which went mostly unnoticed at first. Once it made its media debut — likely in this small article from NewScientist — it caught fire, and the headlines are calling the study creepy, manipulative and unethical. Read More

Big Brother Is Watching

CISPA, the Cybersecurity Bill That Has Internet Activists Up in Arms, Passes in the House


CISPA, the cyber-privacy bill facing opposition from open Internet advocates, passed the House of Representatives today with a vote of 287 for, 127 against and 18 abstaining. The bill will now move on to the Democrat-controlled Senate, where it may face a tougher fight. President Obama has also threatened to veto the bill in its current form.

If passed, CISPA would give the U.S. government the ability to obtain personal user data from Internet companies without a court-ordered warrant.

Big Brother Is Watching

House Passes Resolution to Bring CISPA to the Floor, Jumpstarting Cyber Privacy Debate All Over Again


Amid the media’s Boston Marathon suspect screwup, the D.C. ricin scares, and the Senate’s rejection of gun background checks, one bit of news quietly slipped through: the House of Representatives passed a resolution that will bring CISPA, the cyber security bill that tackles the government’s ability to monitor personal information users give Read More