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Imgur’s Next Plan Is to Make Their Site the Magazine of the Future

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Imgur’s come a long way from being the pet project of a redditor to being a massively lucrative company of over a dozen employees. But now that they’ve got a titanic VC from Andreessen Horowitz, those first five years are starting to look like a quiet first act.

In order to fill those $40 million boots, they’re building out a new advertising arm of their business. They’ve put up half a dozen listings for sales directors and creative strategists, and they’ve brought on Steve Patrizi, who recently took on native ads for LinkedIn and Pinterest, as the new VP of Market Development. Read More

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Pornhub Billboard Taken Down The Day After It Went Up After Hotel Manager Throws a Fit

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Well, the Pornhub billboard was fun while it lasted.

On Monday, in a glorious display of progress for sex positivity, Pornhub put up the first ever Times Square porn billboard — at least, the first ad since Times Square was basically a haven for prostitutes and peep shows. They debuted the ad with a performance from the Gotham Rock Choir, singing “All You Need Is Hand” and effectively sticking it to every mainstream advertiser that wouldn’t let Pornhub run a commercial. Read More

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Breast Covered Campaign Reimagines Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Logos With Boobs

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming in October and, as always, there will be a slew of boob-related ad campaigns to delight and offend us all. Already, we’re getting a sneak peek at one of these publicity stunts, and we’re calling this one on the tasteful side of the line.

The Breast Cancer Foundation has started a petition asking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to change their icons to breast-inspired alternatives to raise awareness for the need for regular breast examinations for a whole month, with a goal of 10,000 signatures. The Freudian icons were designed by marketing firm DDB Singapore, and come with a series of poster-sized ads. Read More

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NBC Rejects Porn Site’s Emmy Awards Ad

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Quick: what do you think is the top adult entertainment brand in the world? Playboy? Hustler? PornHub? Turns out, it’s none of the above. That throne belongs to, a lesser-known camming site that has grown to pull in nearly a million dollars in revenue every day.

That little known fact could remain a secret as long as major cable networks have anything to say about it. has been denied from running a relatively tame advertisement during the upcoming Emmy Awards. Megan Morahan of NBC Universal’s ad sales team told them:

I ran your spot by our standards group, and unfortunately we cannot accept advertising for

Read More

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‘All You Need Is Hand': Pornhub Hires Creative Director to Soil Beatles’ Greatest Hits

The campaign poster that won Nuri Gulver his new job. (Image via Pornhub)

After months of deliberation by one of the world’s largest porn sites and its community, Pornhub has finally chosen a Creative Director to help the site break into the mainstream.

Pornhub held a contest over the past few months to find a new Creative Director, in which candidates submitted “Safe For Work” advertisements for Pornhub. A dozen of the contest’s best were chosen as finalists from thousands of submissions. Among the top-ranking campaign ideas were “Everyone’s got a ritual. Discover yours,” and “America’s Largest Do-It-Yourself Website.” From those, Nuri Gulver’s “All You Need Is Hand” campaign won Best in Show. Read More

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Oops: Ellen Prefers iPhone Backstage After Snapping Samsung-Sponsored Selfie

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 11.31.10

It takes dedication to sit through the Oscars telecast. Counting the pre-show, we were in for six hours last night.

The various hosts’ yammering about paid advertiser Samsung didn’t help. There’s nothing like Giuliana Rancic declaring herself ~*obsessed*~ with the Samsung Galaxy some PA just plopped in front of her to make a long night feel longer. Read More