Before the Storm

Before the Storm

URGENT: The Top 10 Hurricane Apps You Must Download Now – NYC Edition

iOS for iRene

As Missy Elliot would say, time to get your freak (out) on. Betabeat’s cabbie earlier today explained that he was from the Dominican Republic and would be battenting down the hatches at his house in Queens with techniques passed down in his family through the generations.

For those of you without tropical storms in your pedigree, here are a few must-have apps that will help you get through what must be the only week in New York City history to feature both an earthquake and a hurricane.

1) Hurricane HD: For $2.99 you can track Irene in high def as she barrels towards your borough. Betabeat recommends using the Boxee app to get this puppy up and running on the biggest screen in your house.

2) Foodspotting: It’s day six without power and you’ve run out of Ramen. You’re hearing reports over IRC chat that a cache of gourmet catfood has been discovered nearby and is being prepared as delicious tacos. Should you venture outside in search of sustenance? Pics or didn’t happen. Read More

Before the Storm

Hurricane Hysteria Could Be Uber’s Chance to Get Noticed In New York

Corporate cars. (Screenshot via Uber)

With talk of the city’s mass transit being shut down, Betabeat wondered if we’d even be able to get a cab. Then it hit us–this could be Uber’s moment. New Yorkers are set it in their ways when it comes to navigating the grid–most residents have a working knowledge of the quickest routes, which are usually trains, and if not it’s easy enough to grab a yellow cab or a black car if it’s Saturday or you’re in Bushwick or something. So Uber’s spendy private cab delivery service has been buoyed mostly by SF-NYC frequent fliers, and ignored by the large majority of New Yorkers. Like, who needs it? Read More