Ball So Hard

Ball So Hard

ICYMI, Larry Ellison Owns a Big Chunk of Malibu Now

Maybe he's just got the soul of a collector.

What’s a guy gotta to do get a little peace and quiet in Tinseltown? One tech billionaire isn’t taking any chances. The L.A. Times reports that Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO and seafarer, has snapped up almost two dozen pieces of property in sunny Malibu. This is in addition to his ownership of the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Hey, in the New Digital Age ™, privacy is the most valuable commodity there is.

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Ball So Hard

Larry Ellison Buys Hawaiian Airline Because How Else Is He Supposed to Get to His Hawaiian Island?

(Photo: Elite Daily)

Possible sailing cheater and Hawaiian island owner Larry Ellison has added a new item to his collection of things you will never be able to afford, according to Skift: the Hawaiian airline Island Air is now an Ellison possession.

Island Air is a small airline that provides flights between the islands of Hawaii, but we assume the Oracle founder will also be using it as his own private fleet of jets. If you were a kazillionaire, wouldn’t you?