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back to school

Study: Dads Are Ogling ‘Teen’ Cam Girls While Moms Drop Kids Off At School

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It’s back to school, and you know who’s most excited? No, it’s not little Bobbie and Suzie who are ready to start the new year with a clean slate. It’s dads, who are making the best of that blessed hour when the missus is dropping the kids off at school by camming with live models.

A study by cam site shows that when the world’s dads suddenly find themselves with alone time in the morning, they’ve been showing up in droves to catch up with their favorite models. Read More

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Flatiron and General Assembly Fire Back At HappyFunCorp, Insist Their Students Get Awesome Jobs

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When we sat down with HappyFunCorp’s Ben Schippers to ask him about his new code school, he had some harsh words about competitors like Flatiron School and General Assembly (GA). By Mr. Schippers’ account, those schools aren’t preparing coders to do much more than make “another Hipchat clone.”

When we asked Mr. Schippers why these schools claim such high placement numbers, he fired back:

Well why can’t we hire them? Google can’t hire them. Where are they actually getting hired? This is what I’m constantly asking people. A lot of these programs will tell you you’re going to be able to get a job, and that’s not the reality.

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California Schools Might Subject Students to Exciting Lessons in Why Piracy Is Bad

Preview of the program. (Photo: I Keep Safe/Wired)

Gather ’round, kiddos! It’s time for your weekly lesson on how your propensity for downloading music illegal is killing the content creation industry.

If that doesn’t excite the inner child in you, imagine how kids in California are going to feel because some schools are rolling out a curriculum dedicated to copyright theft. Students from kindergarten to sixth grade are soon going to be treated to a delightful presentation from the Motion Picture Association of America, Center For Copyright Infringement and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition, which includes executives from Comcast, AT&T and the RIAA. Read More

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Troubled Teens Can Now Text Their Problems To an Anti-Bullying Hotline

You know she's talking shit. (Photo: Hashgram)

For the most part, teens and cell phones can be a lethal combination. Just think of all those cruel texts circulating around schools this week about what a hoe Ashley was over the summer. In the hopes of making the devices less weapon-like, the Boston Public school system is introducing a texting service on which its 60,000 students can report incidents of bullying. Read More