Baby Baby Baby

Baby Baby Baby

Chrome Extension Replaces Annoying Newsfeed Photos of Babies with Pics of Bacon, Cats


It’s a common complaint amongst the Facebookerati: we enjoy interacting with friends, but hate seeing pictures of their stupid babies. The older you get, the more clogged with engagement announcements and ultrasounds and creepy family photos your Newsfeed becomes.

Lucky for you, Chris Baker, the author of The Elements of Fucking Style as well as a plethora of weird Internet properties, created a Chrome extension to tackle this first world problem. It’s called, and it replaces all photos of babies in your Newsfeed with “awesome stuff.” Read More

Baby Baby Baby

Justin Bieber: Singer. Heartthrob. Disruptive Innovator?

Stay up there. (Photo:

Sure, maybe you’ve got some VC funding and a groundbreaking idea that’ll undermine the very foundations of some century-old industry. But are you really as world-altering as tweeting teen sensation Justin Bieber? DNAInfo reports that on Friday, the Internet’s own Elvis Presley was honored at the Tribeca Film Festival’s third annual Disruptive Innovation Awards (hosted by NYU Stern, no less). Sounds like someone has the Bieber Fever.  Read More