Twitter Debuts New Look for Profiles on the Today Show

Twitter's new look.

Remember when Twitter was a mere fringe hobby, beloved by early adopters but mystifying to everyone else? Well, today we got a clear-as-a-bell reminder that those days are long gone, when the company took to the Today Show to introduce a new look.

Users can now add a header photo, and recent images have been relocated into their own snazzy box.

“What we’ve heard over and over again from our users is they want to bring more of their personality to the profile pages,” explained CEO Dick Costolo. “So today’s changes are all about bringing that personality forward, more media forward, more photos forward, so it’s much easier to see these media experiences and flip through them.” Read More


Reminder: People Still Hate Yahoo (At Least According to Twitter)

(Photo: Wikipedia)

With the news that Google employee #20 and well-known GOOG cheerleader Marissa Mayer will be decamping from her home company of 10+ years to take the CEO role at Yahoo, the Twitersphere erupted into a mix of shock, excitement and stale Yahoo jokes.

It seems that not even a strong female computer engineer can salvage the flailing search company’s flaccid reputation. Just as cries of joy rang out from our feed, so, too, did the jokes about Yahoo’s incompetence. Behold, some of our favorite one liners from this afternoon’s news. Read More


We Wish We Could Follow This Class of Kindergartners on Twitter


But alas, we cannot. Jennifer Aaron, a kindergarten teacher at PS-150 in Tribeca, has made her class’s account private. At the end of every day, she sits down with the five-year-olds and asks them to summarize what they did that day to the 35 parents and friends who follow her. “We added more days in school stickers. We didn’t have any lame reflections. We had snack outside. Ask us about time,” was the tweet recorded by the New York Times parenting blog SchoolBook.

The story notes that Ms. Aaron did not have as much success bringing Twitter into the classroom at her last school in the South Bronx, where few parents had Internet connections.


We’ve Been Had! Rupert Murdoch Is Really On Twitter, But Wendi Deng Is Fake

We can all look back and laugh

Yesterday we had a blast going over Rupert Murdoch’s first foray into Twitter, the scolding he got from his wife and his spat with Jack Dorsey. But this morning it turned out Wendi Deng’s Twitter account was a fake, even though it had been verified by Twitter for a time yesterday.

“You might ask ‘why didn’t I tell them?’ But surely Twitter should be checking out its Verified status more carefully? No?” the user behind the parody account tweeted this morning. “It might be only a small matter, but you have to worry about the management of News International and Twitter if they can both readily confirm, for a while at least, that this was the account of a very noted personality.” Read More


When Your Twitter Account Becomes Your 401K

Mr. Kravitz works his magic.

All journalists, social media rockstars and PR gurus take note: Your Twitter account is apparently far more valuable than you thought.

As the New York Times reported this weekend, Noah Kravitz quit his job at Phonedog after spending four years at the site, a combination blog and ecommerce site.

While working at the site Mr. Kravitz built up 17,000 followers for the handle Phonedog_Noah. He parted with the company amicably and transferred those followers to a new handle, NoahKravitz, with the agreement that he would tweet on behalf of Phonedog.

But eight months later things soured, when Phonedog decided to sue, asking for $2.50 in damages per follower per month. 17,000 followers for eight months worked out to a hefty $340,000.  Read More