#PesachProblems: Jews Are Live-Tweeting Their Passover Seders


There was a time when Passover meant putting down our iPhones and celebrating our ancient Jewish heritage over Bubbie’s classic matzah balls.

But it’s 2014, and technology has started making a comeback at the Seder table. JDate made dating profiles for Moses and the Pharaoh. The famed Bronfman Haggadah debuted in app form. So it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that hordes of Twitterers are using #SederUpdates to live-tweet their Passover dinners. Read More


Twitter’s #FF Was Born From a Bet — 5 Years Later, It’s Still Going Strong

Micah Baldwin (Twitter)

In honor of it being the end of the week, we did an interview with the guy who gave rise to the Fridays we’ve all come to know and (maybe?) love: Micah Baldwin, the creator of Follow Fridays, or #FF.

Mr. Baldwin is a startup guy living in San Mateo, Ca., ten minutes south of San Francisco. He’s the owner of, a company that works with publishers to help them navigate the digital world and distribute ebooks.

He’s pretty sure it all started in January 2009, when two of his friends were competing to see who’d be the first to reach 1,000 followers on Twitter. The loser had to take the winner out to dinner. Read More


Here Are 25 Celebrities’ Embarrassing First Tweets

25 Photos

The Internet has been keeping itself busy today with Twitter’s First Tweet feature, which lets you search for the very first message a user ever sent out to the Twittersphere. The results are generally cringeworthy — they show you how earnest and basic you were before you discovered that the Internet was a cold, dark and deeply ironic place.

Because we love you a lot, we’ve catalogued a list of some of our favorite first tweets by celebrities. We warn you: they’re pretty embarrassing. Oprah’s is in aggressive all-caps. Lindsay Lohan’s is an “I love you” to Samantha Ronson. Kris Jenner’s uses the phrase “Twittering.” We rest our case. Read More


Let’s All Gawk at the Glorious Awkwardness of Twitter’s Founders at the IPO

The gang! (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Today Twitter, all primped and polished, made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. The company was welcomed with open arms, the stock promptly popping from the initial price of $26 to $45.10. And, of course, there was a small army of photographers ready to capture every moment.

Behold, scenes from the morning–with a little color commentary from Betabeat.

Here’s Jack Dorsey, presumably counting down the moments until he can buy every piece of train memorabilia anyone’s ever even thought about putting up for sale: Read More


The Bling #Ring: Twitter Hits the New York Stock Exchange Today

Here it is. (Photo: Getty Images/Andrew Burton)

Under the blessing of Sir Patrick Stewart, the highly anticipated Twitter IPO joined the party on the New York Stock Exchange. After initially pricing itself at $26 a share, TWTR immediately popped to $45.10, which puts the company at a $25 billion valuation.

CNBC reports that more than 30 million shares changed hands in the first half hour of trading. Shares quickly hit $50, before settling below that. Read More


We’re Starting To Wonder If the Credit for Twitter Should Just Go to Dumb Luck

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

It’s profile season! Last week, we were treated to an excerpt of Hatching TwitterNYT reporter Nick Bilton’s history of the company. Well, the New Yorker has just debuted a profile of Jack Dorsey that pushes back against the Times‘ implication that the Square founder is really just a genius at a) packaging himself and b) preening. 

At this rate, once someone uncovers the mystery of the missing Biz Stone, the inevitable movie version will have to be less The Social Network, more Rashomon. Read More


Rumor Has It That Vivian Schiller May (Or May Not) Be Twitter’s New Head of News

Her Twitter picture. (Photo: Twitter)

AllThingsD is reporting that NBC News exec Vivian Schiller is switching her allegiance from one bird to another. She is a “lock” for Twitter’s head of news position and the deal is “all but done” for her to join the social network, writes the website.

If the deal is completed, sources told AllThingsD that Ms. Schiller will take a “significant period” of time off before joining Twitter. In her role, she will serve as a liaison between the San Francisco-based website and press agencies. Read More


This Twitter-Comcast Partnership Will Make It Impossible to Avoid the ‘Real Housewives’

"See It" in action. (Photo: Comcast)

It’s going to become even more difficult to escape Carson Daly: Twitter is teaming up with Comcast to stream and record shows from the cable company’s stable of networks straight on to the social network’s app.

Starting in November, tweets that originate from networks like E!, NBC, USA and, thank god, Bravo, will have a “See It” button at the bottom, allowing Comcast subscribers to watch those shows on their computer and mobile devices. So, those of us stuck with Time Warner or Optimum won’t be able to use those features, but the New York Times reports Twitter is working with other cable distributors. Read More


This History of Twitter is The Social Network 2: Havana Nights

Hmmmm. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Ah, Silicon Valley, where the proverbial sun is always shining and everyone walks around with proverbial murder in his heart. Nick Bilton’s history of Twitter isn’t out for a few weeks, but this weekend we’re getting preview, thanks to an excerpt in the New York Times Magazine.

It reads like a condensed Game of Thrones installment, if you replaced all the blood and sex with podcasting, and it’s not especially flattering to self-styled wunderkind Jack Dorsey. (And there’s nary a quote from the man in the whole piece.) Read More