at the movies

at the movies

The Trailer for Spike Jonze’s New Movie Will Make You Want to Take Your iPhone to Prom

Bet he mugged David Remnick for those glasses.

AI romance: Guess it’s not just for nerds anymore? The trailer for Her, a new film from Spike Jonze, has just been released. It’s the story of a mustachioed Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with a semi-sentient software program named Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. (She’s Siri, basically.) And yet there’s Amy Adams right there in front of him, in the IRL flesh with an ill-advised hairdo.

What a phubber. Read More

at the movies

Twitter and Foursquare Attempt to Ruin Movie Going with Pre-Show Ad Partnership

It would be neat to read Twitter on that. (Photo: Hashgram)

The movies are no longer our one place of reprieve from social media. Twitter and Foursquare both announced partnerships yesterday with National CineMedia, a company that creates those annoying pre-show ads, to integrate the two sites into your movie viewing experience.

For the deal with Twitter, National CineMedia will pull data from the platform for the totally innovative idea of creating a weekly series that highlights tweets and trending topics related to the movies. So, get excited to read annoyed fan’s tweets about how overrated The Great Gatsby was on a 50 foot screen. Read More