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Aspirational Living

Silicon Valley’s ‘Hacker Hostels': America’s Next Top Model, But for Startups?


In the New York Times today, Brian X. Chen covers the proliferation of “hacker hostels,” in Silicon Valley. These non-descript, sparsely-furnished buildings codify everything that that tech industry likes to valorize about the ascetic life of a young founder. Don’t believe us? The accompanying slideshow actually features an artfully-arranged photograph of Ramen noodle packets . . . on a bunk bed.

At this point, noodle packets and cramped quarters are almost (anti)-status symbols. This is paying your dues before the pampering and perks kick inRead More

Aspirational Living

Zach Klein: Investor, Entrepreneur, Cabin-Loving ‘Proselytizer of Country Living’

(via Crunchbase)

As Betabeat informed you back in September, cherubic serial entrepreneur Zach Klein, who also doubles as an investor through Founder Collective, recently traded his New York digs for the Valley, dashing the dreams of a “Zach Klein, upstate woodsman” profile that New York media outlets have been salivating over ever since Mr. Klein tumbled pictures of the outdoorsy estate he dubbed “Beaver Brook” a year-and-a-half ago.

But the California air doesn’t seem to have dampened the consummate multi-tasker’s upstate dreaming. This morning, the Buffalo native tweeted, “I added a few more properties to my Upstate NY real estate blog, mostly affordable farmhouses and cabins,” along with a link to his Upsate Homes tumblr. Read More