Are You Frightened? Not Nearly Frightened Enough

Are You Frightened? Not Nearly Frightened Enough

Raise Money Now Quick Fast Right Away Before It Disappears!!!


While the rest of the tech scene frets over easy-money and inflated valuations, Union Square Ventures partner Albert Wegner is reading the public market tea leaves and seeing something different. In a post on his Tumblr today entitled, “If You Need to Raise Money, Get Your Financing Done ASAP,” Mr. Wenger points out that even early stage companies nowhere near an IPO are still beholden to the vagaries of the public market, making the argument that the time is nigh to grab the cash. Forget micro, think marco.

“While we are still well off the 52-week lows this shakiness in the markets has very real reasons: Europe has been a mess for a while and the US is rapidly becoming one,” writes Mr. Wenger. Then, he explains why even Series A start-ups should care: Read More