Apple/Publisher Smackdown

Apple/Publisher Smackdown

FT says FU to Apple, Builds HTML5 App

ft app

Tension has been building for some time between Apple and big publishers, who aren’t keen on cutting Cupertino in to the tune of 30% for all subscriptions sold on iOS.

The Financial Times released a HTML5-based web app that works exactly like something users would purchase in the iTunes store. It’s the first move by Read More

Apple/Publisher Smackdown

Magazine Icon Roger Black: The iPad is Not a Magic Pony

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The legendary magazine designer Roger Black sat in the lounge of his Fifth Avenue studio, rows of leather-bound volumes arrayed on the wall behind him. At first glance they seemed like compendiums of classic literature, and in a sense they were: bound volumes of publications like Esquire and Rolling Stone , where Mr. Black first built his legend.

As Betabeat tapped notes on an iPad, Mr. Black leaned back on a gray sofa and crossed his legs, a bemused expression on his face.

“I got one the first week, but I don’t use it much anymore,” he said of Apple’s tablet.

His voice bore traces of his West Texas upbringing. He wore stylish glasses and a light tan from his recent trip to Austin.“I am flabbergasted by how many people went out and bought an iPad,” he added, “and even more so how the publishing industry thought it was some kind of magic pony that would save them.” Read More