Dyegate: iPhone 6 Getting Permanently Stained By Owners’ Jeans

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.48.00 PM

Not long after news surfaced of an iPhone 6 bending and catching fire in a man’s pocket, Apple’s latest smartphone is having other pants-related problems.

Users are complaining that when they slide their iPhone 6 in and out of their jeans pocket, the blue dye from the denim is rubbing off onto the rubber strips on the back of the phone, BGR reports. Readers have jokingly suggested the dye-related drama be known as “Dyegate,” because it’s fun to over-dramatize the iPhone 6’s shortcomings. Read More


Apple’s First iOS 8 Update Crashes and Burns

People are over it. (Facebook)

If you’re one of the bazillion people who didn’t like iOS 8, you’re definitely not going to like the operating system’s first update.

Apple today released iOS 8.0.1, a mere week after debuting iOS 8. But don’t click download just yet; according to Mashable, the new update is rife with problems, and users are reporting losing cell service, and that their Touch ID is now completely unusable. Read More


The iPhone 6’s New Features, Ranked from Most to Least Exciting

Behold, the iPhone 6!

In case you haven’t ventured within a 50-foot radius of Twitter today, Apple debuted its highly-anticipated new iPhone 6 this afternoon. Because it’s hard to keep track of all those new features — NFC chip! f2.2 aperture! A8 processor! — and also because everything’s way more fun when it’s in list form, Betabeat has pooled its efforts to create a definitive list of the iPhone 6’s new features, ranked from most to least exciting. Read More


Horrifying Steve Jobs Bobblehead Sculpture Wants to Beat You With an iPhone

"Think Different" by XVALA (

It’s not every day that we find ourselves sympathetic to Apple’s attorneys but a weird bobblehead-like plastic sculpture of Steve Jobs, created by a sculptor with the deeply obnoxious handle XVALA (we suspect XVALA’s last name is CAPSLOCK), might just have us rooting for the legal eagles from Cupertino. Apple’s lawyers are famous for squashing attempts to co-opt or appropriate any aspect of the Apple brand, and this certainly qualifies.

As Slashgear reports, the sculpture is of Jobs in his trademark mock turtle and jeans wielding an iPhone and standing on Apple’s classic bitten apple logo.

As seen in photos it’s an almost comically creepy image but the press release about the show featuring the sculpture claims the real twist is in the materials used to create the… thing: Read More


Apple Fans Invade Fifth Avenue Flagship Store to Celebrate Steve Jobs’s Birthday [Video]

Steve Jobs would've

Today would have been the 57th birthday of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in October, 2011. Fans have taken note by trending birthday wishes on Twitter and celebrating at the Apple store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Brendan McElroy and Seth Rogers, who the Post dubbed “a pair of Mac-obsessed entrepreneurs,” set the event for 3 to 5 p.m. today and planned quite a party. Or, as Mr. McElroy termed the event on Twitter, quite a “guerilla bday party“: Read More


Apple Fans Cream Themselves at Prospect of $6.6 M. Cube: ‘EPIC’

apple cube

Tourists this week may be disappointed: Construction workers put up plywood walls around Apple’s iconic store at the southeast corner of Central Park, obscuring the most-Flickr’ed structure in the city. Apple plans to remove the glass panes and replace them, possibly with a smaller number of larger glass panes, as part of the revamping of the cube and plaza originally built in 2005.

The plans filed with the city were vague: “REMOVE & REINSTALL GLASS CUBE AT PLAZA. REMOVE BOLLARDS & INSTALL NEW PAVERS AT CUBE PERIMETER.” This work will leave the store headless for a few weeks, as it necessitates temporary removal of the cube.

As with all Apple news, speculation abounds!  Read More


Apple Mulling Grand Central Store, Again


The MTA is attempting to woo Apple back to Grand Central Station after rumors that the retailer expressed interest, then disinterest, in putting a store there, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. Apparently restauranteur Charlie Palmer is closing his restaurant Métrazur July 1, and the MTA feels pressure to pull in a big-name retailer. News of the negotiations has leaked slowly as the famously tight-lipped company has a near-lock on real estate news sources in the city. Fun fact: Grand Central Station is one of just four New York landmarks that are photographed more than “the cube,” Apple’s store on Fifth Ave.