Apple in Your Eye

Apple in Your Eye

Los Angeles Residents Can’t Tell the Difference Between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5

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Was it really only yesterday that we watched with muted glee as Apple fanboys everywhere lost their shit over a phone that is only mildly different from its now much cheaper predecessor? My, how time flies.

The iPhone 5 is slightly lighter and slightly longer than the iPhone 4s, but apparently even Apple fans can’t really discern the difference. Jimmy Kimmel brought an iPhone 4s out on the streets of Los Angeles and told everyone he encountered that it was an iPhone 5. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

The iPhone 5 Says Get Lost New Yorkers

Sorry, Russia! (Photo:

Our Apple overlords finally announced the arrival of the iPhone 5 this morning and we couldn’t be more excited to shell out another $200 for the privilege of owning an annorexic version of something that we already have. But there’s a major problem with the iPhone 5 that’s much sadder than ending your press conference with an acoustic Foo Fighters performance. Google Maps is going away with the introduction of iOS 6 and will be replaced with Apple Maps.

Oh, what’s that? Everything Apple makes is perfect and works seamlessly into your life? Not if you’ve enjoyed using your phone to get around the city. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Fanboys Lose Their Shit as Apple Debuts Bigger, Better, Thinner iPhone 5

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Here we are, gathered once again for what’s always expected to be an ecstatic cross between Christmas and the Rapture: Apple’s latest media event and the unveiling of the latest iPhone. (Also, the iPhone’s less exciting little sister, the iPod, got a bigger screen and an FM tuner, and the Touch now comes in several colors.)

Tim Cook rattled off facts like the iPad accounts for 91 percent of tablet-drive web traffic and that there are now 700,000 apps available for download in the store. He apparently restrained himself from adding, “Ya burnt, Bezos!” though no doubt it required substantial self-control. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

How Apple Turns New Hires Into Emotion-Manipulating Sales Ninjas

A nest of emotional ninjas. (Photo:

Many Mac owners have, at one point or another, found themselves forlornly waiting at the Genius Bar, on the verge of tears, desperate for someone to just fix the problem, as quickly and as cheaply as possible. An hour later, you walk out of the glass doors, wallet a couple hundred dollars lighter but spirits lifted because that dude in the blue shirt was just so understanding.

Well, he ought to be, because it sure sounds like Apple puts a lot of  work into turning new hires into emotional ninjas. Over the course of two weeks, they’re transformed into psychological warriors–bent on extracting your cash from your wallet, using “empathy.”

At least, that’s what we’re left to conclude from this Gizmodo expose of the super-secret training manuel for newly hired Geniuses. The highlights: Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Recent Robbery at Steve Jobs’ House Probably Wasn’t a Watergate-Style Break In

"You're kidding me." (Photo:</a)

Maybe the Rich Kids of Instagram don’t have to worry about attracting savvy lawbreakers via social media, after all. CNET reports that someone burgled the home of the late Steve Jobs on July 17, snagging $60,000 in loot, much of it computers.

However, it appears that that the crook in question had no idea the significance of the house he’d found, and pretty much just wandered in because it looked promising.

Scott Tsui, Santa Clara County supervising deputy district attorney, told CNET: “Based on the evidence, it looks like just a random burglary where the guy broke in.” The county prosecutor also confirmed that the hapless thief had no idea what he’d stumbled onto.

Either that or secret Samsung agents–on the hunt for patent dirt–are really good at fooling the Santa Clara police.

Apple in Your Eye

Apple’s Patent Sketch for Video Glasses Is Giving Us Helmet Hair

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 2.16.45 PM

In the race to bring a computer to your face, Google has a clear lead, with Google Glasses expected on shelves by 2013. But if Jobesian history has taught us anything, we assumed that when iGlasses (iEyes, if they want to make it easier to discuss) comes out in, oh, let’s say 2014, it will be a sleeker, more socially-adjusted affair. So we were surprised to come across a patent sketch that depicts them as anything but. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Mac Users Are More Easily Persuaded to Part With Their Cash, Orbitz Realizes


Even as we speak, you are leaving digital bread crumbs scattered all over the Internet, there for the taking by marketers. Nor do the details have to be anything particularly consequential to translate into a money-making opportunity.

For example: Orbitz has realized that customers who visit its site from a Mac tend to spend more money on hotels. The company is therefore adjusting its search results accordingly.

Read More